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Jewelry making is one of the highest forms of art. The jewel must be conceived and crafted in symbiosis with the client commissioning it.

Our background

Goldsmith tradition for over 30 years
Our background
Carmelo Segreto obtained his school-leaving certificate in Applied Art – Jewelry Making in 1980 and then went on to refine his designing skills by attending the university faculty of Architecture.

The experience acquired by working in quite a few jewellers’ workshops gave him the opportunity to experiment innovative jewelry making techniques and then to start his own personal and original production.

In 1989 he opened a jewelry boutique and workshop in Cerveteri and has acquired many experienced assistants like Marco Paglioni and Adriana Segreto who are still at his side today.

The company, always attentive to developments in design systems and state of the art communication, today has found the perfect blend between its origins and the future with the fresh outlook of Francesco Segreto.


Segreto jewels are unique, veritable gold sculptures enhanced by precious gemstones selected according to high quality standards and accompanied by gemological certificates.

The collaboration with renowned Italian gem setters, gem cutters, chisellers and wax carvers makes sure each piece is painstakingly worked down to the smallest detail to enhance its beauty and meaning to the full.

The “Segreto” collections stem from the in-depth stylistic research through which the designer expresses values, experiences and emotions and thereby creates a balanced harmony of shapes, colours and functions.

Jewelry making is one of the highest forms of art. The jewel must be conceived in symbiosis with the client commissioning it so that it can glow with the most important values of the person wearing it, because it is linked to the soul, the affections, the emotions, the events and the memories of that person.


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